To sponsors

Every citizen, who has made a charitable contribution irrespective of its rate, becomes a sponsor of charitable programs and projects of the Fund.
Charitable fund «Hockey without limits» undertakes a commitment to give the following documents:

    • Certificate of philanthropist, which confirms your participation in charity;
    • Documents confirming the charity for tax authority and for sponsors, who want to receive the tax remissions as participants of charity on their demand:
    1. Statute of the charitable fund «Hockey without limits»;
    2. Notarized certificate of registration of charitable fund «Hockey without limits»;
    3. Notarized certificate of tax registration of charitable fund «Hockey without limits»;
    4. Copy of pay documents, confirming sponsor’s payment at settlement account of charitable fund «Hockey without limits»;
    5. Statement on usage of the funds transferred by sponsor.
    • Letter of thanks to a sponsor signed by Chairman of the Board and by the Head of the Fund.
добавлено 07-09-2008

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Телло Группен
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Elektrokyl i Norrköping AB

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