В августе 2007 года в рамках проекта «Неделя детского хоккея», по приглашению хоккейного клуба города Моталы, ачинские хоккеисты тренировались на шведском льду.


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About the fund

«HOCKEY WITHOUT LIMITS». 15 February 2007 in the single public register of legal persons in the correspondence with the Federal Law of Russian Federation «About state registration of legal persons» it was recorded that the Department of Federal Registration body in Krasnoyarsk Territory made a decision about foundation of noncommercial organization Charitable Fund «Hockey without limits» (hereinafter named the Charitable fund «Hockey without limits»).  Primary registration number is 1082400000374.

Popularization of healthy life-style by creation a citizens’ need for physical improvement, as well as creation of favorable conditions for hockey development in Achinsk city.


  • Organization and holding of «Children hockey week» with participation of top-class trainers;
  • Organization and holding of hockey tournament of local, regional, state and international significance;
  • Work organization with graduates of high sports school;
  • Arrangement of conditions for exchange of delegations within the project «Children hockey week»;
  • Arrangement of conditions for working of professional trainers;
  • Provision with the hockey dresses;
  • Formation a bonus fund for material stimulation of trainers;
  • Provision trainers of children hockey teams with opportunity to exchange of experiences on basis of Hockey clubs of the Kingdom of Sweden;
  • Formation of material and methodical basis for children and youth hockey school;
  • Formation of material and methodical basis for making an adult hockey team of the First Hockey League of Russia;
  • Formation of material basis for decision of personnel questions;
  • Formation of material basis for arrangement of living conditions of working hockey trainers and hockey veterans (accommodation, bonus system);

A supreme body of the Fund is the Board of Directors, which is formed by founders. The Head of the Fund realizes the current administrative executive activity. The Fund Trustee Council is an observant organ realizing activity monitoring of the Fund.

The Fund acts in the correspondence with its Charter and current Federal Laws of Russian Federation. However it should be taken into consideration that in our county people are extremely suspicious of charity on the whole and its participants in particular. There were and are a lot of examples, when funds were founded and acted for the goals, which were greatly different from true charity. Such funds regularly break legislation. And recipients (juridical and individual persons) quite often act outlaw. At the same time society distrust should be constructive and admit of possibility in principle to make person, who has doubt about fair charity, change his/her mind.

Any authoritative public officers or institutions, financial and industrial structures, concrete denominational or national groups do not control the Fund. However it does not mean that the Fund cannot cooperate with them on equal terms for the goals of public welfare.

The Fund considers this principles as the key to trust and consequently to success of revival of public charity. Particularly, every act of charity of the Fund stipulates documentation of usage of special charitable installments and personal participation of immediate philanthropists. Every interested organization or citizen has real opportunity freely to know about financial and economic activity of the Fund on our web site.

The Fund has a task to involve a society in decision of the problem of making the hockey national sports by voluntary and disinterested disposal of different resources (money, services and job) in enough amounts. It assumes participation almost of all levels of population and sectors of municipal formation «Achinsk city» (banks and business corporations, trade unions and creative alliances, public and religious organizations, mass media and work collectives and individuals) in charitable projects of the Fund. Recipients (sports organizations, children, youth and adult hockey teams) are also considered as partners. They provide necessary information and take part in popularization this sports and initialization of voluntary contributions.

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